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About Mascha de Werd, Body Stress Release practitioner in The Hague

From an early age I have been a very motivated practitioner of several types of dance and martial arts (Aikido, Qi-kung, Tai Chi). I also studied and practised eastern medicine (Shiatsu, TCM), meditation and (body) awareness. My inquisitive nature and lust for travel still takes me all over the world to follow regular trainings and gain new insights.

I discovered Body Stress Release at a time that I myself had physical problems as a result of not respecting my (physical) limits. My health was steadily deteriorating. The moment I learnt about BSR I knew that was exactly what I needed and I instantly registered for the education in South Africa.

By now I have been working with this great method for years and I am grateful for the process that I went through myself. This enables me to better understand and support my clients in their recovery and I feel inspired by them every day.

I find it highly motivating to watch my clients regain confidence in their body and its functioning, with attention, enthousiasm and joy!

I am member of:

Body Stress Release Associatie Nederland

Member of Body Stress Release Association SA

CAM Coöperatie