Freedom from body stress
promotes a better quality of life

Body Stress Release consultation

With the person fully clothed the practitioner carries out a series of tests, pressing lightly on various points in specific directions, observing the body’s response. In this way the body acts as a biofeedback mechanism, supplying the information required. Once the site of stress has been located the practitioner preforms the releases by using a light but definite pressure or impulse to encourage the body to release the stored tension.

The first appointment will last approximately 1 hour, with follow-ups lasting about 40 minutes.

As BSR is a process, initially three appointments are made over a two week period, preferably on 1st- 4th- and 11th day. Depending on the response to the releases, you’ll be advised about follow-up appointments. If the body stress has occured recently, the process of releasing it is usually very rapid. However, if the stress has been stored for a long time more releases may be needed. This is because the tight, protective layers of muscle relax back to their normal state by degrees and releases may have to be carried out over a longer period.

Please refrain from using perfume or aftershave before session, because of allergies.